About Business Point

  • Trust: Cosmic Overseas Consultancy is a pioneer in the immigration and visa consulting industry and among the most trusted and referred. We are known for our services, excellence, and transparency.
  • Options for All: We offer a wide array of destinations and program for prospective immigrants, including individuals, families, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses. We accept mandates from well established corporates for processing permit and relocation applications for their executives for all major destinations. We also have services for students in the pipeline!
  • A Guide you can Rely on: An Abhinav expert will be with you every step of the way, helping you navigate the intricate immigration procedures effectively and efficiently.
  • A Network of Trust: The Abhinav team is supported by an extensive global network that include visa professionals, registered visa representatives, attorneys and registered immigration advisors.
  • Error – Free, Hassle Free: A small mistake can prove costly or shatter your immigration dreams. Our well trained and experienced team is meticulous, focused and dedicated in making sure we present your case in the best possible way.
  • Ahead of the Curve: Our advisors stay updated about the changes and opportunities on work permits, Occupation list classifications (NOC, ASCO), sponsorship & occupation lists (essential list, Occupation list positive list, SOL MODL, CSL), and immigration and visa prerequisites.
  • Never Give Up: We specialize in making successful appeals on rejected Immigration and Visit Permits. Based on your unique circumstances and needs, our immigration expert and associates offer you tailored advice on your appeals.
  • Customer First: We are pioneers in E-commerce enabled facilities to service clients across the world. In addition, our offices are well located with state -of-the – art infrastructure and client friendly facilities.
  • Value For Money: Our service re offered at an affordable price, but without any compromise on the quality of the solutions.
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