VNIRTM MTT Assay Kit (Cell Proliferation)

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VNIRTM MTT assay kit is an non-radioactive, easy to use, high throughput assay for cell viability, proliferation, and cytotoxcity. The redox potential in active cells reduces the MTT to a insoluble purple formazan product, this can be solubilized and the color intensity can be read at 570nm using a microplate reader. There is no need to wash and harvest the cells before reading and can be performed in the same microplate.

Cat. No.: VNIR305

Detection Method
Absorbance max
570nm [end product]
Sample type
Adherent cells, suspension cells


  Number of reactions MTT Reagent Solubilization Solution
1 500 5 ml 20 ml
2 1000 10 ml 40 ml
3 2000 20 ml 80 ml
Storage conditions
-20°C (protect from light)
-20°C (protect from light)
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